Marina Handwoven Backpack

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These awesome backpacks are made from cotton which is thickly woven on a back loom.  Great colors and textures make this backpack especially unique. They are lined in smooth cotton. They cinch shut at the top and the flap on top ties down. All of the strings are adorned with cool tassels that add a whimsical flair to the style.  With long braided straps, they fit comfortably on an adult or can be tied up to fit a child.

This backpack comes in a variety of colors, and two sizes. The smaller one is just a pouch, while the larger on has a front pocket. Feel free to contact us to see which colors are available in the size you'd like before you order, or look out for an e-mail from us offering you choices of our current stock after you order.

Handmade with Love, Honor, Pride and Tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fair Trade.