Rocio Dancer Blouse Pulled Thread Embroidered Traditional Blouse

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Gorgeously embellished with dancing women embroidered into the pulled thread embroidered pieces, these blouses are very special. Pulled Thread embroidery is a technique that uses the threads of the fabric itself to gather together, create space and a lacy look. The threads are not cut, leaving the garment as one piece. Our talented Rocio has then embroidered beautiful floral patterns around the striking detail. With different color combinations and styles of flowers and characters, each of these blouses is a work of art. If you'd like to choose exactly what you'll receive, feel free to message us to see what's available in your size right now.

These are all handmade by Rocio in Oaxaca, Mexico. Upholding her family's traditions, she makes all of these beauties with Love, Pride and Honor.