Zorro Handwoven Palm Sun Hat

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Excellent sun protection, this hat is a tightly woven palm in a very cool style. With the round crown, it won't look at all like a cowboy hat. It's got a cool laid back island style to it. It's perfect for the beach or the desert, and anywhere in between that you want to look awesome and stay in the shade. It comes in either a natural plain palm, or a decorative weave, with many different band styles or adornos. If you'd like to choose your adorno from what we have in stock in your size, please contact us to see specific pictures of whats currently available. We may contact you after you order to give you the choice, so look for our e-mail please.

Handwoven Natural Palm made in Michoacan, Mexico with Love, Pride, Honor, and Tradition. Fair Trade.

*Shippingcosts vary depending on your location so we will contact you with a quote after purchase, or email us ahead of time to find out rates.