Our Mission

Lobos Del Mar is a family run Fair Trade Clothing company aimed at creating awareness in our fast paced consumer society. We work hard to build a bridge between the indigenous families in Oaxaca and Central America to our own people in the United States through our clothing design and distribution. By creating this connection, we are not only helping these indigenous families to thrive, but we are also reminding Americans of the beauty and soul which comes along with clothing that is hand made with love, pride, and honor. We hope that we can influence others to follow our direction looking outside the box, erasing boundaries, and coming to terms with the fact that we are all here on one earth, sharing it together. If we truly want to save our precious planet that we all inhabit, now is the time to come together and bring the power back to the people. Although it may seem that purchasing an item of fair trade clothing may not make that big of a difference, the reality remains that change has and will always start with one person.