About Us

The Lobos Del Mar team has spent decades surfing, kayaking, trekking, and living in Mexico and Central America.  Over the years, we have fallen in love with the land, the sea, the people, their culture, and the beautifully hand crafted goods found there.

Each region is unique in their tribal designs, most dating back centuries. We have taken these classic designs and made subtle changes, producing fine products made from Eco friendly materials, such as organically grown cottons and recycled materials, whenever possible. We work directly with the families that are descendants of the original designers, and are honored and proud to present their quality crafted handiwork to you.  

We feel our line reflects the culture and tradition of the land and the people.  When worn, one cannot help but reflect back in time to this tribal heritage. Let your mind and body go….. relax, unwind, and let in the warmth and attitude from the lands of tranquilo….you will feel it!