Alebrijes Humming Bird

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Hand carved and hand painted colorful wooden hummingbirds hang from a hook on their back and dance in your window. Hummingbirds are a symbol of good luck and infinite joy. They are a great omen for any home. Ours come in a variety of colors and combinations, each one differing slightly from the last and the next. They are roughly 6"x 6"x 4".

Jesus Hernandez Torres is a native of San Martin Tilcate Ocotlan, Oaxaca. From childhood, he grew up in a family of traditional artisans, and is the third generation of the Hernadez family dedicated to the craft of wood carving. He learned his art from his grandparents, father, and uncles. At eight years old, he began to work in the shop of his uncle, Francisco Hernadez Cruz, a recognized alebrije artisan. Here he learned to develop his own unique style until he mastered the art of wood carving. At age 20, he became independent and formed his own workshop, Copal Magic, collaborating with his wife, Roxana Fabian Ortega, who has a beautiful painting style all her own.