Pescadors, Hand Woven Fisherman Pants

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Our personal Fav! Big pockets, loose fitting with a mid-calf length. These are the ultimate for free thinking lounge lizards everywhere From Yoga to la Playa, your new best Amigo!

The traditional weaving make the pescadors soft, strong breathable and softer with each wash. Drawstring waist, two big, deep front pockets and one wallet size back pocket. Colors may vary from one shipment to the next since the pescadors are hand loomed. Please email the store for pictures of current unstick colors .

Handmade with Love, Honor, Pride and Tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fair Trade. 

Size Chart:
Our size- Waist size
S- 26 -28
M- 29-31
L- 31-33
Xl -34-36
XXL- 37-38