Hojalata Tin Art Rooster Mirror

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These colorful roosters are a fun way to brighten up a wall. Roosters represent honesty, protection, good luck, fidelity and bossiness. Their proud heads are lifted, so they can be used to draw attention to or accent another piece of art or a window. Their colors vary, and they come facing either left or right, so if you'd like a choice in the exact combination you get please contact us for pictures of our current stock. They are roughly 15" tall and 13" wide. The wing is set slightly off the body, giving this piece a wonderful 3 dimensionality. 

Hojalata is an art form famous in Mexico. Rooted in Spanish Colonial times, the art of tin making has changed very little since. These figures are entire handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico, cut, pinched, embossed, and soldered by craftsman using great precision and artistic flair.