Hojalata Tin Art Skull Mirrors Dia de los Muertos

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These colorful skulls, adorned with symbols of life (in the form of flowers and vines) are a cool way to brighten up a wall. Humanizing death and taking the fear out of it, these skulls can be a continuous reminder of the ebb and flow of life and death, separate yet only by the thinnest of veils. Their mirrored eyes ask you to take a look, how are you honoring this blessing of life while you have it?

They come in a variety of colors. Please e-mail us to ask about our current stock if you have a preference of colors. They are roughly 13" x 9".

Hojalata is an art form famous in Mexico. Rooted in Spanish Colonial times, the art of tin making has changed very little since. These figures are entire handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico, cut, pinched, embossed, and soldered by craftsman using great precision and artistic flair.