Zapotec Lobos Huaraches, All-terrain Classic footwear

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Lobos sandals, derived from the classic Mexican ‘huarache’, are known for versatile hand woven comfort and come in styles for both men and women. Our huaraches take the unique approach of organic colors, ancient weave patterns, soft recycled acrylic with an ergonomic arch support and high quality polyurethane footbeds to ensure that the highest level of comfort comes with style.  The soft upper weaving literally conforms to any foot size, shape or foot abnormality which ensures an immediate comfortable fit with literally no “break in ” time.

All Lobos Huaraches are hand made in the interior of Mexico in a town whose heritage has been linked to huaraches for hundreds of years. Each sandal is hand crafted with pride, honor, and tradition. The expert workmanship provided by the Navarette family is the convergence of two cultures joining together through passion and hard work to produce sandals that have true soul. Each pair of Lobos sandals comes to you with the highest consideration paid to comfort, fit, design, detail; constructed with quality materials and handcrafted precision.

We recommend if you are between sizes, go down a size instead of up. The nylon on the side does stretch out as it wears in, so when you first put it on it should feel very snug.  We are happy to help!