Suavé Super Soft Alpaca Poncho Serape Shawl with Hood

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This beautiful, soft, elegant poncho looks almost as good as it feels. Made of an Alpaca blend, it is incredibly insulating. The multi-tonality has awesome indigenous patterns woven right into the body of it. You can wear it open, buttoned shut, or wrapped around yourself.  This is the perfect travel companion as it turns into a blanket in the seat of a car, plane, train or bus. It has a nice big hood to hide in, keeping your head warm and dry. This item can hand washed  gently in cold water with a mild soap then roll it between two towels to squeeze out the excess moisture and lay it flat to dry.

We get different colorations of these in all the time so if you'd like to see the specific ones we've got right now, please e-mail us and we can send you photos.

Handmade with Love, Pride, Honor, and Tradition in Ecuador. Fair Trade.